Why A Podcast Strategist?

Every idea can be valuable to the right recipient. Innovation and evolution for your podcast begin with the right strategy.

Every idea can be valuable to the right recipient. Innovation and evolution for your podcast begin with the right strategy.

A Podcast Strategist? But why bother?
If I were sitting where you are, I’d be asking the same thing.

In truth a podcast strategy could be exactly the thing your show has been missing.
Do you have an end game in mind for your show? Do you want to grow your audience but find it stagnant?
As a podcast strategist my job is to determine where the gaps in your podcast game may be and how best to fill them. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all method for every podcast. I design a strategy for each client with their goals in mind. I listen to their needs. I work with them to create the best possible product it can be.

Your show may be in a saturated genre but with a strategy? You have an edge.
Not only do you have an advocate who has a vested interest in your show; but you can save yourself valuable time and hundreds (or thousands) in advertising dollars!

When I work with a client and learn about their show, I connect with them. I want to help other podcasters because there was a time when I was a new kid on the block too. I remember having aspirations and goals for my podcast but no idea how to reach them.
I asked around and got laughed at for asking how to “get paid to podcast” and other questions that new hosts have. I didn’t know who to host with, I didn’t know what equipment I should use, how often to air. I didn’t know there were algorithms for Apple Podcasts and what pillars would sustain my show. I learned and yes, you can do what I did, learn through trial and error or get lucky.
But there is another option you can save yourself time, money, and get valuable industry driven advice and we can grow your show together.

Over the past few years I’ve not only gained experience with my own shows (I currently have two) I’ve also built and ran a network of podcasters, advised on shows, and guested on podcasts. Additionally, I sponsor podcasts, and serve as an advisor for podcasters that broadcast all around the world. I could not be more grateful to have the ability to do this work with fantastic people and the shows they love. If you’ve launched your show and handle all the in’s and out’s and are satisfied with where your podcast stands, I think that is fantastic! You are killing it in the game!
But if you’re reading this and want to grow your audience, perhaps you are considering monetizing your podcast for the first time. Maybe you are just starting out and need help launching or podcast editing, in that case? I hope that you reach out to me.

Podcast Strategist & Producer for Endeavor Podcast Solutions