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Get Out There!

No one is standing in the way of you launching your podcast but you.

It’s hard to swallow I know but when you cut to the heart of the matter? Fear often holds us back from doing the things that could have changed our lives and those around us. That’s right. CHANGE LIVES. Your podcast can do that and I can almost assure you it will. You will reach someone who will begin to care about what you have to say, it will impact them, they will reflect on it. There is power in your words.

I encourage my clients to use their voice, but I’m not simply talking about vocals here, I mean use this as a platform to reach others about the things that matter to you. It doesn’t have to be complex topics. Conversational podcasts are some of the most popular in the market. It’s about what your audience gets when they press play. Are they listening because they’re lonely? Are they listening because you make them laugh? Is your content engaging? There are so many reasons listeners tune in and you never know what they are going through when they hear your voice come through their headphones.

Encourage yourself to take the jump. Your listeners are waiting…

A podcast isn’t a small thing, the reason I named my company Endeavor was because that is precisely what this is, an endeavor, into the unknown. My job is to help you wherever you are in your podcasting journey, if you have a show- great! But if your fear of launching or pressing record is holding you back?
Take the leap of faith.

You may not know me, or ever meet me in person but I am behind you in this journey. I was exactly where you are now, three years ago. I was fearful at first that no one would listen…but I realized that podcasting was about sharing and the impact it can have on others, so I took the leap and so should you.

I have two successful shows I’m proud of and a company I love where I can reach people just like you.
So fear not! Get out there!
I cannot wait to hear your show.

-Victoria Bosworth
Podcast Host/Strategist/Producer