When I began my first podcast I had zero experience…

I had never been on air before and all I had was an idea for a show that I assumed only a few people might listen to. I was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the response I received for my podcast Ask Your Dog Guru.
In just a few short months the show would reach twenty thousand downloads and was signed to a popular podcast network within its first year.

I found a rhythm, developed a professional editing style, fell in love with the podcasting world and began assisting other podcasters create their shows.

My passion for helping others take their dream podcast concept into on air reality only grew. Right away I sought out freelance production and editing jobs but I wanted more.

In year two, I was hired to create a network of podcasts with several successful shows underneath it, handling everything from management, guest booking, show design, and post production. Through consulting with each of the shows at the network I learned that there were holes in the market for new and aspiring podcasters that needed to be filled.  I am elated to follow my passion for podcasting while giving others the courage and resources to start their very own show.

At Endeavor I have one goal, to simplify the podcasting process for my clients.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster with no time to spare on post production or brand new with an idea for a show- I am here for you!